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Light, movement, colour, sound & tones; a palette of possibilities to develop to your unique you!
Movement to ART for you & your family!

Artistic expression is a way to free ones inner potential and unite with ones deepest core. Movement, colour and sound is natural and lives within us.

Kerstin ÅkessonGrundare av Movement To Art


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Movement To Art inspires wholeness, creativity and artistic expression.

You as an individual are unique and follow your own rhythm and personal style. With forms which stimulate both the right and left side of the brain, we give space for the possibility to live our whole potential as human beings. When we experience beauty we make loving actions for ourselves and others/other.

After flow can also needs of stillness arise hence offerings of elements as meditation & crystal singingbowls.

Movement To Art offers inspiration to individuals, courses and workshops in:

ArtoRent: Kerstin´s art for sale and/or rent offers original art to private persons, companies, organisations and art lovers.



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