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About Kerstin

Kerstin Åkesson, born 1971 in Karlskrona is creating Movement to ART and has long experience with art, movement-dance, pedagogy & energy treatments.

Artistic expressions from exhibitions, courses in art, Picture & colour as communication to art and movement, Movement Art a combo of movement, rhythm, music & drawing and painting is Movement to ART´s signaturemelody.

To be creating for the sake of creating.

When we experience beauty we make loving actions

– Dr Betty Edwards-

In art lives the mysticism & life and through this bodymovement started to grow and became part of Movement to ARTs offerings as MovementArt, MovementArt Poetry & Eurythmy. Studdies & apprentice through Centre´ of Indigenous Arts with Sound & Movement Integration through Hawai ´i to a 4 year Diploma and thereafter Eurythmy teacher at Steinerschool in Järna, Sweden. Experiences in Vini Yoga in Hawai´i, childrens yoga & traditional dances contribute to the content of Movement to ART. Energymedicin through different treatments can you combine through

”Packages of love”.

How do I know I can make art or dance? It lives in you – Empty your mind and step into your expression.

Movement to ART offer custom-made courses/workshops to suit your needs.


1990 Economic studdies at Highschool level in Sweden..

1991-2 Diploma in Marketing and Economic, 1 year through  Påhlmans Handelsinstitut i Stockholm.

1994-5.  1 year art studdies at Studio Art International in Italy. Scholarship summer 95..

1993-97 Languages and arthistory studies through University of Stockholm and Gothenburg.

2000-1. Apprentice through Indigious Institute of Arts, California/Hawaii in expressive dance and voice.

2002. One year Diploma to Image interpreater through Imageinterpretationcenter, Kristina Wennergren, Sweden.

In 2003 I started to teach painting as Healing Arts and Fine Art for children and adults.

in 2004. One week watercolour course.

In 2006 I studied the artistic form Vedic Art and became a teacher.

In 2007 I expanded in expressive dance and voice with Sahn and SMI.
As a strengthening of my sensitivities of listening and presence before inspiration in movement classes, I became a Taktipro masseuse – the Original method of Tactile massage in Sweden spring 2008.

I have been active with body movement, in different forms, since childhood, and have continued in the direction of yoga, dance and free movement as above. I chose to inspire in free body movement and improvisation in 2008.

2009 in December I educated myself in Hawaiian massage, Lomi-Lomi. A loving massage from heart to hand which originates from the Polyneesian islands.

2009-2011. Workshops in 5 Rhythms, Cycles in Switzerland, Medicine Dance in Costa Rica and August Intensive in Californien.

2011. Basic course in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. 6 days total. Through Batteri communication in Stockholm.

2011. Certified ” Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification” by David Wolf, leading rawfood expert in USA, through the Bodymindinstitute.

2012. Started study Eurytmi through Steiner School in Stockholm, part time education. Continues 2015-. 2 Basic years completed.

2014. Certification of Raw Chef, through Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy.

2015. 1 year Classical drawing distance studdies through Farigh Ghaderi  Art Academy  in Stockholm.

2015. 7 Days Mirrors workshop in Costa Rica.

2016. May. Certificate as teacher in Sound & Movement Integration through Centr´e of Indigenous Arts Kalifornien/Hawai´i.

2016. Dec. Diplom 4 years studdies part time in Eurytmi, Steinerschool in Sweden.

2018. Landscape painting week in Stockholm with Joe Poquet, USA.

2018. Second year of Classical drawing, charcoal, grisaille and painting, distance studdies through Farigh Ghaderi Art Academy in Stockholm. 2019 completet the 3 year distance.

2019 Diploma in Eurythmi through Steinerschool in Järna, as teacher after 4 years part time with 5 occations each semester friday-saturday and 2 years fulltime, 5 occations per semester, friday-sunday, with summerweek yearly.

My son Liné, arrived in 2005. He is a great inspiration and a loving messenger.

He gives me enormous power to move on and develop my creative abilities.

Thank you to all of you who have given me the possibility to be active within an artistic expression!