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Picture as language & communication. Paint, play and heal.

Pictures says more than thousand words.

Colour touches our soul and is the expression of soul.

Picture as language & communication-Paint, play and heal, is for you who like to learn more about yourself, make changes and enter new possibilities through painting as a way to express your soul. You can come and paint from your feelings, pictures; subjects that you select or by diolog, and from there we see what will be painted. For children and adults the approach varies depending on age and needs. From there dialog regarding the pictures initiates and understanding and needs is shown. You can also come and paint and we use the method of Picture Interpretation where we follow a certain structure & choices of subject to begin with. You paint simple images as stand as base for interpretation and dialog with you. After that a picture process can be initiated if you wish. Dialog, interpretation is given as a holistic approach. You as client are always the leader of the process.
No experience in painting necessary


Try out lessons, 1,5 hour individual or in group.

Courses or workshops is offered.