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How light knew to nurse the growth until the face of earth brightend beneath a vision of colour

John O´DonohueIrish poet

From nature to nature

To let the natural flow for each and everyone of us be in tune with the universal, show the way to health and well-being.

To be touched, create contact, to be in continious movement and development. A hand on your face, a hand whom presently touch gives contact, or a foot that is put down on the ground in exact presence gives a feeling of freedom and joy. Cells are renewd over and over again. Nature to nature for the whole human in the center. The souls need for expression, doing that fits you. Simple images are drawn or painted in Images as language & communication to understand yourself, to make changes to what gives joy and let go of what is not serving, or/and let colour enrich, to listen and act upon that is needed in the now. Colours lives in us, are us. Everywhere colours exists and is light. With light, colour, and our voice that that has been hold back sees new light, perspective. To be intune can give experiences of continuity, beauty and belonging.

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