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MovementArt - Children & Youth


Painting the whole world, Colour, form & the storyteller, MovementArt classes from 5 years old and up. In these classes the basic ingredients are movement, with or without music, rhythmic and musical awareness, voice, play, drawing, colour/painting and 3d form. For the older children and teens simple choreography.
Group as well as individual exercises/play.

MovementArt opens creativity, cooperation and artistic creation.


MovementArt for children

” Painting the whole world” Children 9 months-2 years old. MovementPlay.

We listen and moving with inspiration from music instruments. Some recorded music. Vi explore and play with colour through the body. With fingerpaint the children are exploring one colour at a time. Can the colour have a form, what can it tell, what does it look, can you feel it? Does it hava a sound-maybe a song is comming? You and your child try different ways that work for you, and a story can be born. Friday mornings at 9.15-10am. Spring and fall. 8 occations.

“Colour, form & the storyteller” Children 3-4 years old”. MovementPlay.

We listen and moving to music instrument and exercises in rhythm & pace. Some recorded music. Through improvisation a song can come forth or a song we know. We play around colour and paint. Vi dive into a colour each occation, and who knows, maybe a story is hidden in the colour? We try watercolour, crayons, fingerpaint, small to large papers. Images take form, maybe sometimes the image wants to be created into a papersculpture. All the images created by the children can be imagined into a story/play.

“MovementArt” Children 5-6 years old. MovementPlay.”

We explore all possible movements of the body, with and without music, individual as well as together in the group. Simple correography. We let forms, animals, things that the children like take form. We try different rhythms and paces. The bodymovement and play will be inspiration and expression through imagemaking. We play around colour. Paint and observe how colour can be used, what tones it can have, how it is mixed etc., does it hava a sound that can be developed by the voice, maybe a colour song… We try and develop forms with pen and let the imagination come forth.

“MovementArt ” Children 7-9 years old & 9-12 years old” 

We try our bodys different possibilities to move, with or without music, solo or together in the group. Simple coreography. We make forms through our body. We play with colour & sound. We try different rhythms & paces. The bodymovement and play wil be inspiration and expression through imagemaking, 3d as for example papersculpture & clay. We play around colour. Paint och mix colour. We try and develop forms with pen and let the imagination come forth. Create a simple artwork, that will be part of simple coroegraphy for everyone as an ending of the course.

Weekdays 8 occations. Spring and fall.

Can be offerd for older children as well.

Every being is unique. I observe children´s natural gifts and the play is the focus. I focus on each child´s personal expression taking their age into consideration.