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When we experience beauty we make loving actions

Dr Betty EdwardsProfessor in art

Movement & Art

Let yourself become Living Poetry-Rumi-

Through all times people have danced & created art for health, for the health of the community or decisionmaking in relation to oneself and other, for the beauty in understanding that we belong to the rhythm of Cosmos, the stars and the planets. Human beings are movement, colour and sound. With movements created by you, you get in contact with who you are, a continious development and exploration. Movement lives in the now. When free movements in the present becomes form, expression and art is created. From form we can find the freedom in movement and explore art in the form. With the body in motion all our senses are activated, our capacity to create balance between the bodyhalves, but also the soul and spirit takes its place in the whole. How would we be able to communicate with eachother without all parts together…

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