Picture Interpretation

I have participated in a course in Picture Interpretation with Kerstin Åkesson. For me it became a personal journey with help of symbols, colours and pictures – both inner and outer. I can warmly recommend Kerstin as an escort on this journey. She is confident and competent in what she does, with a lot of warmth in her way of working. That made me be able to focus on my expression without worries or anxiety and made my inner journey with help of pictures both rich andfruitful. / Anna

I feel that Kerstin has an incredible compassionate treatment of people and a capacity to feel, wait in silence, of the client. I feel completely safe with you. Your role as a leader was shown very clearly as a turmoil came up in our picture Interpretation group. You made us sit down and continue our work. Your way of teaching is in a dialog with us as participants as I see it. There are no right or wrong but you told us what you saw and we reflected on what was said. / Marina Ståhl,student at the Center of Picture Interpretation.

I can warmly recommend Picture Interpretation. It has been of great help for me to develop, and Kerstin gives great comfort with her warm and honest person. She is real and down-to-earth in her job./Mona Möller

Pictureinterpretationis a playful and inspiring way to discover more about oneself. Kerstin isalso a very skilful interpreter with strong intuition. / Heidi

Picture Inspiration:

Kerstin inspire in painting in a pleasurable and relaxing way where colours and forms are connected with different feelings and she mixes that with different exercises in drawing/painting. That gives a broad perspective of the art of paining. Kerstin as an inspirator is very calm and sharp in what she shows and gives us the time and tranquillity we need. Her broad technical knowledge and way of looking at pictures is she generously sharing and let us, asparticipants try to widen our perspective of art. Incredible fun course and I learnt that I can use painting as mental relaxation as a counterbalance to my often very high speed work and lifestyle. / Eva Nygren, Graduate engineer

” I like to paint with Kerstin because it is fun and I learn a lot”. Elina Svensson, 16 years old

Drawing from the right side of the brain workshop 5 days, by Betty Edwards method, reference:

I experience  the course as very rewarding and pleasant eventhough we held a high tempo and was given lots of different exercises. Kerstin is very inspiring and comfortable to listen to and learn from.  I warmly recommend! / Mari, teacher.

I participated in Kerstins 5 days workshop in drawing according to Betty Edwards method ” Drawing from the right side of the brain.” I  felt the course was incredibly exciting and with a lot of information. You become both inspired and challenged by Kerstins way of teching and she gives instructions in an easy way. And she is also a nice person! It was both fun and fascinating to feel how I developed, faster and more than I thought was possible. I absolutly recommend the workshop to everyone who would like to learn more about drawing, no matter what level you are.  A new world will open up! / Sofia.

MovementArt individual in combo with massage and RawLivingArt:

Wonderful and Lovely for both body & soul to create space for my self. During half a day dive into the world of colour, movement and RawLivingArt-food and end with a Lomi-Lomi massage. That makes a difference! Can it be better? Soo lovely to let my inner voice come forth in a safe, true and warm environmet. Will strongly rekomend Kerstins creative oasis in Gustavsberg, Stockholm. /Mikaela

MovementArt reference:

I came unprejudiced and tired to Kerstin´s workshop in MovementArt. When I left I was thoroughly rested and felt cleaned. As have showered the soul and at the same time got smoother movements. I should do this more often!

/Cecilia Ekroth, Developerof ideas for the company Ideas & Co AB

“Kerstin isa calm and pleasing person who gave us an exciting and different experience-very worth the visit!” / Sofi

“Your workshop was just wonderful and I just loved dancing my dream and my longing, and that it was so lovely to dance my own rhytm.”/Anne N Elmberg

” Kerstin: Your soft being is spreading so much love and security, you are very compassionate and laid-back as you work you are very professional, certain and feeling!/Helena Soluna

Reference Tactile massage:

Taktipro-Originalmethod of Tactile massage. A firm but very gentle full body massage which reached depths within me, both physically and mentally. Kerstin’s professional approach relaxed me totally. I felt as if I were floating as I lay with my mind detached from my body, lost in dreams and thoughts. All tensions released and left behind.  Thanks for a fantastic massage; I slept for 11 hours that night!/Janet Svärdmyr

Lomi-Lomi Massage:

Lomi-Lomi massage that Kerstin is offering gives me a calming and strengthening feeling. My problems in my tissues/muscles becomes better and my mind more open! Kerstin herself gives a calm and light feeling and helps me as client to relax and feel safe. I recommend everybody this wonderful treatment. / Katja de Gysser McNaughton.

Kerstin is inspiring groups in MovementArt for Children & adults. At different places in Sweden like private owned places, culturehalls for people, like Central Spa in Stockholm, Kalmar Nordic Club, Studiefrämjandet Kalmar, Värmdö Yogacenter in Stockholm.

Cooperation with Berit Hague, 5 Rhythm teacher, with Rhythm & Art workshops, New Years event, summerretreats since 2011-2017. And continues…

Cooperated as teacher with the owner of the school for Artinterpretation in Sweden, Irene Ståhl, 2012-spring 2013.

Participated with MovementArt classes at Yoda festival. Yoga & Dancefestival in Stockholm. 2012.

Try out classes in MovementArt and drawining at Futureweek  in the outskirts of Stockholm. For a global perspective and for the Environment. 2013 & 2014.

Participated at Culturalfestival in Stockholm 2014. Painting for Children in Iglu de Vents balloon. Artistic leader: Karin Victorin.

MovementArt projekt-Colour-Form & the storyteller for Children 3-5 years old at a preschool in Nacka, Stockholm. 3 months, 2  days a week. Fall 2015.

Leader and administrator at Idunschools (Nacka/Sweden) project for activites for Children afterschool 2014.

Movement teacher in Eurytmi at Drottningholms school, Waldorfschool from 6 years old-9th grade. Fall and spring 2016/17 and 2017/18.