Energy treatments, colour & packages of love.

To let the natural flow for each and everyone of us be in tune with the universal, show the way to health and well-being.

Lomi-Lomi-Hawai´iansk massage – An ancient embracing massage with long strokes who follows the energy webs in the body and affect both the physical, psychic and the mental state.

Playing of crystal singing bowls for transformation,
balancing & harmonizing
– Our cells resonate with the sound of the crystal singing bowls. When we listen to the sound and are embraced by the sound, we can enter positive emotional states that strenghtens peace, compassion & thankfulness etc, this kind of statements that strengthens us as humans & our health.

Taktilmassage, Taktipro – Is an aware and careful touch of the skin, or outside the clothes that is given with care and sensitivity for the persons integrity and needs. Tactile touch activate the parasympathetic system in the body and induce calmness, concentration and relaxation.

Colour awareness- Come and be part of what colour can be for you, can give you. Light to colour are transforming and create resonance in our cells through our thought, movement and feeling etc Colour is balancing och gives energy-energymedicin. These are offerings for individual persons as groups.

Quest for love – For you who would like to dive in och deepen yourself through several occations in creating-from knowledge to love. With support from different indigenous peoples, Hawai´ian & Estern wisdom as Eurythmy. Through the occations you are given support and exercises to accomplish.