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MovementArt is the joy of expressing yourself with your body and from improvisation finding your souls presence and from there your personal expression and natural gifts together with the art of picture.

For those who are curious and want to try movement in combination with pictures, or for those who are more advanced in an artistic form. Or for you who would feel movement as the source to development of you and your soul-Embrace or Elements of Nature, to get to know you in relation to the elements in different ways and different layers.

MovementArt opens creativity, cooperation and artistic creation.

MovementArt is for you who would love being in the arts/dances possibilities to enrich, saw new seed, develop your artistic ability, receive new perspectives etc. For everyone.


MovementArt individual classes-creative beeing. 

To come to me, feeling love, joy & expression. Movement, rhythm & voice and different art forms as drawing, painting & 3d are mediums & tools to understand oneself, for investigation & building structure into  form that suits you. Through all times people have danced, are dancing and using art to express oneself, for communication & community. Movement, colour & sound lives in us, around us, are us. Putting ourself into motion we are receiving new perspective, feeling clearer and focused, the place of flow & creativity. MovementArt private classes is offered as “Your way-creative beeing- to get to know you and your love of expression or as artistic- for you who are looking for developing/support one on one on your artistic path. No experience nessesary.

In combination with individual classes there are workshops offered in MovementArt every season.


Courses in MovementArt

 MovementArt I

For you who wants to try MovementArt as a course or a workshop. With your body as the instrument you improvise with movement which takes form in different combinations, solo or together in the group. Exploring, presence-continuity-balance, rhythm, voice and musical awareness through body with or without music.  With the dance as a base, you will move close to the foor, into yourself, explore different states of body & mind. We use the room as a form itself and let the estetic values be present.

You will be introduced, in different ways to how pictures can be painted  joyfully. You will also be introduced to different painting techniques. We talk about colours and we do colour laboratories. No experience necessary.

MovementArt II

For those who have tried MovementArt or have some experience of painting and movement, or as a base for those who want to move forward towards more advanced artistic education. Body movement and pictures are expressed and developed to artistic form. I, as an instructor, let each individual personality come forth in the group. Everyone tries to create their own movement choreography together with a complete artwork, which will be shown to the group at the end of the course/workshop. From each other´s experience the group will create choreography together as a finalé. Playful exercises and guidance are given in painting, movement and sound.


Colour, movement, sound & tones; medium to touch & create contact, softning, balance & harmonize. Yin nature. For wholeness for the human. Drum, crystal singing Bowls, voice, and some recorded music. We proceed from breath and listening. Sometimes a simple picture can be drawn as inspiration for the day.


Workshop format, 3 hours or longer. You in movement, exploration. You, your body in relationship to the room, group etx. Contact, creativity, continuity & activate that, that is in the moment. Playfullness. Rhythm, art, joy, drum & voice. Who are you in the group, and what would you give yourself & others.  Artistic mediums as base for expression. No previous knowledge.

MovementArt-Elements of Nature:

Indigenous understanding according to energy & creativity as Eastern approach. How can this wisdom contribute to you and others/other? Bodymovement stands in the centre of this movement occation with creative medium as voice, art and written words. To get to know the elements & cycles of nature. No previous knowledge.


Through all times humans have danced to develop movement and contact with the stars & earth. Here we find the roots to Eurythmy. The movement of Eurythmy is derived from the human being. Music, poetry & colour meets the human in Eurtyhmy and you let yoursef become the instrument. Eurythmy is presented as pedagogical, artistic and as movement for balancing. Eurythmy strengthens the whole of you and give sincerity to yourself and others you meet. We are in constant development and so the brain.