2020 Vinter, spring.

Jan 13. Mandala painting and set your intentions for the new year. 6-9 pm. At Dieselverkstaden i Nacka.

Jan 22. Mandala painting and set your intention for the new year. 6-9 pm. At Hälsans Hus på Fjällgatan Södermalm in Stockholm.

Feb 7-9. Drawing according to Vedic Art. Fri 5-7.30 pm.

Feb 8-9. Vedic Art basic course, continious, family & Children welcome. Sat-Sun 10-4 pm.

Feb 10. Make your own raw chocolate to Valentines day.

Feb 17. Try out class in MovementArt at Idunschool,Nacka for kids, 7-10 and 10 years old and up.

March 2-May 4th. MovementArt Course at Idunschool, Nacka for kids, 7-10 and 10 years old and up.

March 2-May 4th. Drawing and colour course for kids from 8 years old. 4-5 pm.

March 2-May 4th. Meet togehter and make art. From 12 years old and up. 5-6.15 pm.

March 2-May 4th. Colour, form & the Storyteller at Dieselverkstaden in Nacka for kids 3-5 years old with parent or adult.

March 6-8. Drawing accoring to Vedic Art.

March 7-8. Vedic Art basic course for beginners, continious students and families and kids.

March (dates comes). An evening with painting, artinterpretation, colour movementmeditation and crystal singingbowls.

April. Introduction to Artinterpretation. Two evenings in Stockholm. More info will come.

May 29-31. Vedic Art drawing.

May 30-31. Vedic Art basic course, continious students and families and Children.

Summer 2020

June 11. Fantasy painting watercolour from 11 years old. 10 am-2 pm.

July 22-24. Art & Nature course in Båstad, South of Sweden. From 9 years old and up. 10 am-1 pm each day. Drawing & Colour, Painting and Mixed Media.

July 29-30. Vedic Art Families. Children from 7 years old and up. Basic and continious course.

August 1-6. Vedic Art summer course for teens and adults. 10-4 pm both Days.

August 7-9. Vedic Art drawing for teens and adults. 7th at 5-8 pm, sat & sun 10-4 pm.

August 11-12. Art & Nature course in Gustavsberg, Stockholm. From 11 years old. Drawing, colour, painting and mixed media.

August 15-16. Quest for love. Our essence is nature. Every day we walk with our feet on this Earth. What is your heart beating for? 2 Days do dive into you with support of nature in Gustavsberg and Studio Movement to ART. Movement medicine, element of nature-Hawai ´ian tradition, wisdom according to the medicine Wheel, Eurythm-colour and soulgestures. Drumm-song. Crystal singing Bowls. An intimate setting with maximum 8-10 participants.

Fall 2020.

Introduction 3 of sept to the drawingworkshop with start Sept 19th. 6.30 pm-8pm.

Introduction 10 of sept to the drawingworkshop with start Sept 19th. 6.30 pm-8pm.

Sept 19-20. This is the first weekend of 2 weekends with drawing workshop. Every one can draw according to Betty Edwards material, drawing from the right side of the brain. After 4 days you have acctivated the element of drawing. Drawing is for everyone.

Nov 14-15. Drawing weekend 2 of 2. Everyone can draw.