2020 Vinter, spring.

Jan 13. Mandala painting and set your intentions for the new year. 6-9 pm. At Dieselverkstaden i Nacka.

Jan 22. Mandala painting and set your intention for the new year. 6-9 pm. At Hälsans Hus på Fjällgatan Södermalm in Stockholm.

Feb 7-9. Drawing according to Vedic Art. Fri 5-7.30 pm.

Feb 8-9. Vedic Art basic course, continious, family & Children welcome. Sat-Sun 10-4 pm.

Feb 10. Make your own raw chocolate to Valentines day.

Feb 17. Try out class in MovementArt at Idunschool,Nacka for kids, 7-10 and 10 years old and up.

March 2-May 4th. MovementArt Course at Idunschool, Nacka for kids, 7-10 and 10 years old and up.

March 2-May 4th. Drawing and colour course for kids from 8 years old. 4-5 pm.

March 2-May 4th. Meet togehter and make art. From 12 years old and up. 5-6.15 pm.

March 2-May 4th. Colour, form & the Storyteller at Dieselverkstaden in Nacka for kids 3-5 years old with parent or adult.

March 6-8. Drawing accoring to Vedic Art.

March 7-8. Vedic Art basic course for beginners, continious students and families and kids.

March (dates comes). An evening with painting, artinterpretation, colour movementmeditation and crystal singingbowls.

April 6-8, Easterweek. Art & Nature for teens and families. Whole Days.

April. Introduction to Artinterpretation. Two evenings in Stockholm. More info will come.

May 10. Creative afternoon for kids 2-5 years old at Bistro Gustavsberg. Parents can eat dinner and the kids create and eat hamburgers.

May 29-31. Vedic Art drawing.

May 30-31. Vedic Art basic course, continious students and families and Children.

Summer 2020

June 11. Fantasy painting watercolour from 11 years old. 10 am-2 pm.

July 22-24. Art & Nature course in Båstad, South of Sweden. From 9 years old and up. 10 am-1 pm each day. Drawing & Colour, Painting and Mixed Media.

July 29-30. Vedic Art Families. Children from 7 years old and up. Basic and continious course.

August 1-6. Vedic Art summer course for teens and adults. 10-4 pm both Days.

August 7-9. Vedic Art drawing for teens and adults. 7th at 5-8 pm, sat & sun 10-4 pm.

August 11-12. Art & Nature course in Gustavsberg, Stockholm. From 11 years old. Drawing, colour, painting and mixed media.

August 15-16. Quest for love. Our essence is nature. Every day we walk with our feet on this Earth. What is your heart beating for? 2 Days do dive into you with support of nature in Gustavsberg and Studio Movement to ART. Movement medicine, element of nature-Hawai ´ian tradition, wisdom according to the medicine Wheel, Eurythm-colour and soulgestures. Drumm-song. Crystal singing Bowls. An intimate setting with maximum 8-10 participants.

Fall 2020.

Introduction 3 of sept to the drawingworkshop with start Sept 19th. 6.30 pm-8pm.

Introduction 10 of sept to the drawingworkshop with start Sept 19th. 6.30 pm-8pm.

Sept 19-20. This is the first weekend of 2 weekends with drawing workshop. Every one can draw according to Betty Edwards material, drawing from the right side of the brain. After 4 days you have acctivated the element of drawing. Drawing is for everyone.

Oct 17-18. Quest for love. Workshop as august 15-16, but in Malmö in Studio InMovement, Carin Dackman.

Nov 14-15. Drawing weekend 2 of 2. Everyone can draw.